PCruzDr. Patricio J. Cruz - Research Assistance ProfessorPh.D., ECE Patricio's research focuses on  load transportation using aerial robots, cooperative control of networked multi-agent systems, modeling and control of hybrid systems, and optimization theory.




PhD Students

Nicola Bezzo
Ph.D., ECE
Assistant Prof., University of Virginia Nicola's interests include cyber-physical systems and robotics.




Andres Cortezandres cortez

Ph.D., ME
Los Alamos National Labs Andres's interests include coordination of heterogeneous sensor networks.




Jaime Gonzalez-SierraPh.D., ECEVisiting Scholar





Fei Liu

Ph.D., ECE
Visiting Scholar Fei's interests include mobile robot coordination.



Jose M. Luna
Ph.D., ECEPost-doc at U Pennsylvania, GRASP Lab Jose's interests include computing systems and robotics.





Ivana Palunkoivana palunko
Ph.D., ECE
Assistant Prof., University of Dubrovnik, Croatia Ivana's interests include aerial robotics and agile aerial transportation.




Domagoj Tolic
Ph.D., ECE
Assistant Prof., University of Dubrovnik, Croatia Domagoj's interests include nonlinear control and event-triggered systems.




Master’s Students

Mike AndersonMSc., ECESandia National Labs
Mike's interests include virtual environments, embedded systems, and robotics.




Titus Appel
MSc., ECESandia National Labs Titus's interests include reinforcement learning and robotics.




Tairen ChenGrad Student, ECE
Tairen's interests include mobile robots and power systems.




Rafa Figueroa

Rafa's interests include robotics and hybrid systems.




Dan Galarowicz
Dan's interests include computer vision and robotics.




DSCN1088Christoph Hintz -Ph.D., ECE Christoph's research focuses on unmanned aerial systems as well as heterogeneous systems.





Maria Khater
Maria's interests include hybrid control systems and robotics.





Joseph Kloeppel - Msc., ECE Joseph's research interests include multi-robot coordination, exploration, and mapping. He has experience in Analog/Digital electronic design and is currently developing an optical communication system.





Dorca LeeGrad Student, ECE
Dorca's interests include swarms and complex systems.





Steven Maurice - Msc., ECE Steven's research focuses on application of neural networks for robot learning algorithms.





Wil Neeley
Wil's interests include aerial robotics, control and navigation.




Luan NguyenMsc., ECE  Luan is currently working on developing algorithms, simulations for a small quadrotor that can maneuver through a loop in 1D, 2D, and 3D. The flight style of this quadrotor will be autonomous.





1st Lt. Jean-Elie PierreMSc., ECEAFRL Jean's interests include computer vision and robotics.





Jasmin RegaladoMsc., ME Jasmin is working on designing ground robots. Her primary research interests are in robotics and she is specializing in Controls within the Mechanical Engineering Department.




luis valbuena
Luis ValbuenaGrad Student, ME

Luis's interests include multi-vehicle coordination.




Corbin Wilhelmi MSc., ECE Works in Naval Research.





Undergraduate Students

Jose Avalos

B.S., ECEExchange Student from Peru Jose's research focuses on robot object placement and recognition using inverse kinematics and image processing.





Desmond AwungayiB.S., ECE Desmond's research interests focus on developing and implementing Algorithms in Python language on robots. He uses the ROS interface to work on Baxter Research Robots, by Rethink Robotics.





George GorospeB.S., MENASA

George's interests include mobile robots.




Romie JoyceB.S., ECE
Romie's interests include brain-machine interfaces and control systems.




Jaylene Martinez
B.S., ME
McNair Fellowship Program
Jaylene's research interests include networks and control systems.

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