Multi-Agent, Robotics, and Heterogeneous Systems Lab

We are a group of dedicated students working to enhance the state of the art in multi-robotic systems.


MARHES lab encourages students to pursue an education in engineering or science by developing exciting and interactive programs.


Mobile Sensor Networks

The objective of this research is to develop an adaptive network of distributed sensors capable of accomplishing a wide range of tasks ranging from retrieving, manipulating and synthesizing information to identifying, and locating physical objects. These mobile sensors may some day be employed for a wide range of tasks from fighting forest fires, to cleaning up oil spills. They can perform a variety of critical search and rescue missions in hostile territory such as a battlefield or the site of a terrorist attack.

Cooperative Control of Unmanned Vehicles

As small, low-cost and expendable unmanned vehicles (UAV, UGV) are available, they can be used for many functions such as reconnaissance, search, over-the-horizon communications, etc. In this project, we propose to develop the methodology and the support software for the coordination of heterogeneous teams of unmanned vehicles.

Hybrid Systems

The area of hybrid systems is an attractive topic that, due to its interdisciplinary nature, does not have a body of rigorous results to date. There are many fundamental mathematical problems that have not been addressed yet and require deeper investigation. Applications of hybrid systems include embedded systems, biological systems, automated highway systems, air-traffic controllers, communications networks, and robotics.


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