LoboRacers take 2nd at First International F1/10 Competition

DSC_1268 (3)On October 2nd 2016, LoboRacers took 2nd at the first International F1/10 Competition. The event took place at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA. Various other universities attended such as Arizona State University and University of Pennsylvania. The team consisted of Greg Brunson, Carolina Gomez, Rebecca Kreitinger, and Jonathan West. The objective of the competition  was to finish the race course the fastest with a completely autonomous car. Led by Brunson, the team was able to take home 2nd place, losing only by 5 secs.

The competition was aimed to motivate students to come up with algorithms that could help further the topic of autonomous driving.

Congratulations LoboRacers!

To read more, click here: http://www.ece.unm.edu/featured-students/ece-loboracers-place-2nd-at-esweek.html

For more information about the event, click here: http://f1tenth.org/index

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