Dr. Rafael Fierro - Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Ph.D., ECE
Rafael’s research interest include cyber-physical systems and robotics, coordination and planning in heterogeneous multi-agent/robot systems, control of network systems with applications to unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), dynamic sensor networks, and hybrid and switched systems.
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PCruzDr. Patricio J. Cruz - Research Assistance Professor
Ph.D., ECE
Patricio's research focuses on  load transportation using aerial robots, cooperative control of networked multi-agent systems, modeling and control of hybrid systems, and optimization theory.

PhD Students

DSCN1088Christoph Hintz 
Ph.D., ECE
Christoph's research focuses on unmanned aerial systems as well as heterogeneous systems.
Jonathan West
Ph.D., ECE
Jonathan's interests include robot exploration and mapping.

Master’s Students

Shakeeb Ahmad
Msc., ECE
Shakeeb's interests are inclined towards aerial load transportation, nonlinear controls, and learning.
DSCN1170Joseph Kloeppel 
Msc., ECE
Joseph's research interests include multi-robot coordination, exploration, and mapping. He has experience in Analog/Digital electronic design and is currently developing an optical communication system.
Steven Maurice
Msc., ECE
Steven's research focuses on application of neural networks for robot learning algorithms.
Jasmin Regalado
Msc., ME
Jasmin is working on designing ground robots. Her primary research interests are in robotics and she is specializing in Controls within the Mechanical Engineering Department.

Undergraduate Students

Greg Brunson
Greg's research interests are control systems and robotics. 
Carolina Gomez
Carolina's interests are in astrophysics, aeronautical applications of engineering and robotics, and robotic outreach programs.
Rebecca Kreitinger
Rebecca's interests focus on robotic outreach and observational learning.

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